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Vitamin D3 2,000 IU

Vitamin D3 2,000 IU

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Gluten-free   Sugar-free


Vitamin D3 provides the body with energy during the darker winter months. 

  • Improves bone density
  • Immune booster
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Lowers risk of heart disease

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that supports the growth and development of bones and teeth. It also plays an essential role in the functioning of the muscles and boosting energy levels in the body. 

The body naturally produces Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, and you can also receive Vitamin D from some foods like oily fish. In the winter months, especially in colder regions, the body doesn’t produce as much Vitamin D, leading to ‘seasonal depression.




More Info about Vitamin D3 2,000 IU

Vitamin D3, also known as the "sunshine vitamin," is a crucial nutrient that plays a vital role in maintaining overall health and well-being. Our bodies can naturally produce Vitamin D3 when our skin is exposed to sunlight, but with the modern lifestyle and working indoors, many people may not get enough of it.

Taking 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 can provide numerous benefits to your body. It helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus levels in the body, which are essential for strong bones and teeth. It also plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy immune system, helping to protect against infections and diseases.

Moreover, studies have shown that Vitamin D3 can also help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. It may also aid in maintaining healthy cognitive function and mood, making it an excellent supplement for those struggling with depression or anxiety.

Taking Vitamin D3 can also improve your skin's health by reducing inflammation and preventing premature aging. Additionally, it can aid in weight management by regulating insulin levels and increasing muscle strength.

So, if you want to keep your bones strong, boost your immune system, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, improve your cognitive function and mood, and maintain healthy skin and weight, taking 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily is a smart choice.

Our team comprises professionals who specialize in nutrition, healthcare, and holistic remedies. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We're here to help!

Science facts 

Vitamin D for Cholesterol 

Vitamin D supplementation may be useful in hypercholesterolemia patients with vitamin D insufficiency who are at high risk of cardiovascular diseases. 


Vitamin D for Infections 

A study showed that vitamin D supplementation was safe and protected against acute respiratory tract infection overall. Patients who were very vitamin D deficient, and those not receiving bolus doses experienced the most benefit. 


Vitamin D for Mood 

Results of a self-report measure showed that vitamin D3 significantly enhanced positive affect and there was some evidence of a reduction in negative affect when dealing with seasonality. 


Vitamin D for Blood Pressure 

Observational studies report higher blood pressure (BP) among individuals with lower 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration. 


Benefits of Vitamin D3 2,000 IU

Improves bone density 

Vitamin D has been shown to stimulate osteoblasts and improve bone density in humans. 

Boosts the immune system 

Vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorous for a better immune response. 

Increases energy levels 

Vitamin D supports mitochondria in the cells, which are responsible for energy. 

Lowers risk of heart disease 

Lower levels of Vitamin D have been linked with heart disease factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, adults take one (1) softgel capsule daily or as directed by a health care professional. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light.

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